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Nov 1, 2013 11:30pm PDT
or taxes or the city, something like that. >> sometimes it will say texting charges. have you ever received one of those? >> yes. >> what do you do? >> let it go. >> often they are not from the phone companies, but the third parties paid to do the billing. on phone bills those types of questionable charges are called cramming because they are crammed on the bills. on the credit card they are called gray charges because they fall in a morally gray area. >> it is not fraud, but it is not right. >> they started bill guard, a free app that keeps track of your bills looking for these types of charges. a common mystery charge is applied when y sign up for something without knowing it. >> phantom charges is when you sign up for one thing and they tag on something else. you didn't notice that because it was in the fine print where you signed up. >> another way these charges end up on your bill is through a process called free to paid. joe is with consumer action. >> these are p cs that try to deceive consumers into signing up for paid subscriptions under the guise of being free offers. >>
Oct 28, 2013 11:30pm PDT
would add a special tax to sugar benches. lillian explains what make this proposal different than another sugar tax ballot measure that failed in richmond last year. >>reporter: the idea is simpl simple. the bigger the drink the more taxes you pay. 2 cents per ounce to be exact for all sugar sweet benches. including soda. sports drink. energy drink and bottled coffe coffee. >> not a nanny state at all. we are not banning anything. >>reporter: san francisco supervisor scott weiner says the nation rising obesity rate inspired him to come up with proposal that need the approval of two-thirds of san francisco voters. >> we taxed alcohol for long time so it's not at all out of the ordinary to tax products that have some negative side effects. >>reporter: 2 cents an ounce adds up quickly. a largest 32 ounces. which means this one drink will cost an extra 64 cents. as to where all the money will go, the estimated 31 million dollars a year will good to nutrition. health. physical fitness programs. stark contrast to the failed soda tax proposal in richmond where the money instead was earma
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2